Inform-AYURYOG Seminar on Immortality: Beliefs and Practices


Inform-AYURYOG Seminar on Immortality: Beliefs and Practices

Registrations now open! Early bird reduction til 12 January 2020!

Saturday 1 February 2020
Bush House, the Aldwych, King's College London
Bookings can be made here

The lure of immortality has been an inspiration for many people in both religious and secular contexts. But what does immortality mean? This seminar will explore some of the range of beliefs and practices which are closely associated with immortality in comparative context. We will investigate the idea of immortality by looking more closely at how it is directly applied in people’s lives. What happens when immortality is understood as a possibility – or even a reality?  We will be considering beliefs and practices relating to immortality in the context of AI, near-death experiences, Christianity, Buddhism, Freezone Scientology, spiritualist mediums and contemporary yoga movements. 

It is held in association with the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, King’s College, London. 

Confirmed speakers include: 

Mikel Burley, University of Leeds
Susannah Crockford, Ghent University
Peter Fenwick, King’s College London
Tobi Olujinmi, The W-Talk
Mark Singleton, SOAS, The University of London
Aled Thomas, The Open University

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