The Roots of Ayurveda: ERCcOMICS about AyurYog

Dagmar Wujastyk

ERCcOMICS is a project that uses the power of visual storytelling to communicate the contents of ERC projects. This year, AyurYog was chosen by by ERCcOMICS as one of the projects that would be represented as a cartoon. The artist, Alice Milani, talked with P.I. Dagmar Wujastyk about the history of her interest in Ayurveda and how that developed into the concept of the AyurYog project: The resulting comic is Alice's vision of the story of AyurYog: an exploration of what Ayurveda is; how it relates to Yoga and to alchemy, how it is impacted by modern Indian government policies on health provision and education policies; how yoga gurus in India combine Ayurveda and Yoga; and how the events of the past and present evoke questions for Dagmar and her research team. Meet the AyurYog team and those who inspire them, including some ayurvedic sages!

The Roots of Ayurveda will appear in several installments; the first can already be accessed here:


The Hatha Yoga Project at SOAS is also represented by ERCcOMICS. You can find the first installment of its cartoon, following the footsteps of P.I. James Mallinson and his first meeting with a group of Sadhus here:

The Roots of Ayurveda: ERCcOMICS about AyurYog

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